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October 2014
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My anonymous guest "Naseem-e-Sehar" joins me today from the Middle East to speak about how much of a hold the Middle East likes to maintain over its population and the ways in which it manifests and is permeated throughout society. 

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Nida talks about how to handle situations when people try to harness your growth trajectory,  or stop you from being who you are and pull you back.

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Join us as I speak with JJ Roberts about the archaic and dysfunctional sex 1.0 and 2.0 models in our society. He talks about relationship failure within such an environment is not only at an epidemic scale but due to the beliefs and rules that society hands to us. In other words, when you embark on a Sex 2.0 relationship and follow society's rules, you are subscribing to a model of systemic failure.

As the problems in the established model are so deeply ingrained, it is not a problem that can be fixed by tweaking the established model, it can only be fixed by a complete replacement framework - a complete upgrade. This upgrade is called Sex 3.0.

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I hook up with Darren Roebuck again for audience questions - Darren and I both have a Masters in Psychology. We tackle real questions from a real audience!

What you will learn and what we discussed:

  • How to deal with an upset spouse/partner and having female friends? 
  • How to approach gorgeous women and get over my fears? and
  • How can I find wise, honest, enlightened girls? and what is really the hidden message behind this question?
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He turned down a multiple 6 figure salary job to pursue his passion, has taught me a lot about being a real and loyal friend. He is the host of the very successful podcast, The Cerrone Show and the mastermind The Next Level society with the lovely and talented Laci Urcioli of which I am part of. One of my favorite dudes Chis Cerrone and I hang out on a Saturday and talk about being real.

What you will learn and what we discussed:

  • How he runs a business with a female partner and manages his marriage, 
  • What does being “Real” mean?, 
  • How is he real?, 
  • How he decided in Grade 3 to be real, 
  • People love to get offended, 
  • Why learning how to effectively communicate with others is critical, 
  • How people try to control others and How parents try to control their kids, 
  • Why Chris was ok with being rude at Podcast Movement, 
  • How to build respect with people, 
  • How to develop a more freeing relationship with your spouse/partner, 
  • How he manages having a female business partner/friend, 
  • The dynamics of shaming among men, 
  • What kind of people you should surround yourself with and 
  • Why building a true community is most important and how he and Laci Urcioli are doing it with Next Level Society.



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I hook up with Darren Roebuck again for the first round of questions - Darren and I both have a Masters in Psychology. We tackle real questions from a real audience!

We answered questions about 

  • Casual sexting - is sexting more personal than the affair?
  • How to use sexting as foreplay, and 
  • How to get women to understand that giving a man a hard time won't get them to the promised land of relationships?
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An insightful perspective from the Amazon best selling author, who has traveled around the world in over 15 countries, hundreds of cities and 3 continents all while getting paid to do so, Brent Danis. We discuss 

  • How are men different across the world, 
  • Is the world really as bad as the news shows it to be?, 
  • The fascination of American men with Asian women, being in a relationship with an Asian woman and 
  • The difference of food, fashion and culture in the world.


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Michael O'Neal stands shoulder to shoulder with the A-list celebrities of the podcasting world with his phenomenally successful show, The Solopreneur Hour and the well loved Sololab  of Proudly Unemployables of which I am a product of.

Besides being a huge Porsche fan and Hoyer aficionado, he is one of the most incredibly fashion forward, and self-aware men I know. We discussed: 

  • How being broke affected him as a man, 
  • How he became conscious of how he was showing up to the world, 
  • How he builds himself daily, 
  • Michael’s three tenets of life, 
  • How he feels about the jealousy component in relationships, 
  • Having open communication in a relationship, 
  • His opinion on the idea of being "monogamish", 
  • Where evolved guys can find evolved women and 
  • What turns him off with women.





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Welcome to episode 1 on season one of The Exponential You! Nida Explains why she created this podcast and what you should expect to gain from this podcast. She also discusses her experience growing up and why she is focusing on men.

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