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September 2014
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A jaw dropping interview with a man who is taking the art of being a conscious, modern man to a whole another level. Booster Blake and I discussed:

  • Why do self work, 
  • What is a SNAG, 
  • How to approach a woman for casual sex, 
  • Who is the modern conscious man?, 
  • The common male myth and the reality, 
  • What is the Boylesque Show and 
  • The Authentic Man Program.

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Darren is an international voiceover artist, musician, author, illustrator and a big advocate of being real and he happens to also have a degree in Psychology. We discuss Growing up being encouraged to participate in arts , 

  • What made him uncomfortable about himself growing up and how he gained self confidence, 
  • Attending the Burning Man festival – freedom of self expression, 
  • What it means to take care of yourself as a guy, 
  • How he views a healthy relationship, 
  • Sex as a means of communication and connection and
  • Ayuhuasca and why you don’t really need drugs to have a psychedelic experience.
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Vernon Ross is a business coach helping people push past their limiting beliefs and achieve peak performance as well as the host of a top ranked podcast The Social strategy podcast. We talk a lot about being a family man and discussed 

  • Growing up in the ghetto with a single black mom with four kids and how they survived, 
  • Being married for 20 years, the biggest struggles and fears in a relationship/marriage, 
  • Being outnumbered in a household with all women, 
  • His role as a man and leader within the family, 
  • His mom’s role in having a successful 20 + year marriage and what she taught him about handling women, 
  • What a woman’s job is in a relationship, 
  • How people give away their power in relationships, 
  • Why its so important to have individual identity outside of children, significant other etc, 
  • How its terrifying to set example for daughters and teaching them to navigate this world, 
  • A straight man’s perspective on gay black men and the unspoken culture of “down low” in the black community and 
  • Why black women don’t appreciate black men dating non black women.
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Ali A. Rizvi; a doctor, medical communications professional and Huffington post writer; discusses 

  • What is the most lacking thing in our society?
  • How the concept of masculinity is being redefined in the 21st century, and why this is important for men, 
  • Why circumcision should not be practiced on boys, 
  • Why people hold on to ideologies, 
  • Why he calls himself an Atheist Muslim, 
  • Being a voice for Ex Muslims, the consequences of leaving Islam and why he’s not a fan of religion, 
  • Expression of sexuality & Sex as a means of connecting and not just defining a relationship and 
  • How he's ok with his dad never saying I love you
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